Yakitori – Traditional Satay Form Japan

For those who enjoy Japanese culinary, of course, they often hear the name Yakitori. But there are still many people who don’t know about this food. What is a yakitori actually? Yakitori is a common food in Japan. This food is made from pieces of meat, skin, offal, and skewered leaves like satay and baked using a special sauce. Usually for one yakitori stick consists of several pieces of meat combined with leeks. Sometimes Japanese people also use shitake mushrooms. Sometimes sellers also use sparrow meat as their main ingredient. Yakitori also consists of two types, the first is yakitori which is cooked without spices and the second uses spices. The spices used to cook yakitori are made from salted soy sauce, mirin, wine and sugar. With the use of this ingredient, the taste of yakitori sauce will taste sweet and savory. In Japanese, Yakitori means grilled chicken. Although the name means chicken, it does not mean that the ingredients used are only chicken. Yakitori cuisine has existed since the Edo period (around 1603-1867). Yakitori finally began to expand since 1643 through a European missionary. To add to Yakitori’s enjoyment, you can eat it with a glass of sake or beer. The price of yakitori is also relatively cheap so that it can be bought easily by anyone. Interested in tasting this typical Japanese satay?