Most Popular Type of Sashimi In Japan

Sushi is a Japanese food that is very famous in the world. Sushi is a food made from sticky rice combined with a variety of interesting topings such as fresh fish, seafood, meat, and vegetables. Sushi is usually served with soy sauce, ginger and wasabi. But besides sushi, Japan also has a type of food called sashimi. Unlike sushi, sashimi is usually made from seafood which is served raw. Sashimi also has many types. Here we summarize the 3 most popular types of sashimi in Japan. The first is tsugatazukuri. This one sashimi is a type of sashimi that still maintains the original form of food served, for example fish that have been sliced ​​but still served as a whole fish. This type of sashimi can usually be found at certain events, especially weddings. Second is ikekuzuri. For this one, the type of meat used is octopus. The octopus that is served is usually still very fresh, even look alive. In the brain part of the octopus has been cleaned, but because the muscles in the body are still working, then the octopus will be seen moving when served. Third is Tataki. For this type of sashimi is the most friendly type. Tataki is made from meat of tuna, skipjack and bonito which are cooked very quickly. The way to cook it is to put it on the fire for a few seconds. On the outside of the meat will look ripe, but in the middle of the meat is still raw. This type of sashimi is favored by tourists and locals alike.