Best Snacks In Japan

The first snack we recommended was Senbei. This snack is made from rice flour. It tastes savory and has a texture like thick potato chips. Usually Senbei is available in several types of flavors such as sweet, seaweed and original flavor. The next snack is Kibidango. This snack is usually referred to as rice candy. This food has a long history and symbolizes the culture and literature in Japan. Usually these foods contain sugar, syrup or nuts. This food is very famous in Japan. The third snack is Kinaboko. You can’t find this food outside Japan. Kibaboko is made of kinako, a mixture of soybeans mixed into special powder and stabbed using a small stick. The fourth snack is Umaibo. This snack is made from corn and has a unique taste, which is sweet and salty. This food is also very liked by small children and is easy to carry. Besides sweet and salty, Umaibo usually also has the taste of roasted corn, seaweed and also mentaiko.