Super Expensive Food In Japan, Kaiseki Ryori

Every country that has a long culinary history must have a special cuisine that is very special and can be called haute cuisine. The purpose of haute cuisine here is a high-level culinary that requires special preparation and high-level presentations.

In Japanese cuisine, haute cuisine in the country of the Rising Sun is kaiseki. There are 2 types of kaiseki, namely kaiseki ryori and cha-kaiseki (kaiseki which is served during the tea ceremony) but what I will discuss this time is kaiseki ryori.

Kaiseki ryori is a multi-menu food set that has been served since hundreds of years ago. Starting from a set of food served during the tea ceremony, kaiseki ryori then developed into a menu that is usually served among nobles.

What makes this kaiseki ryori interesting is that from all the menus presented, there is no repetition of food ingredients or repetitions of cooking techniques. So if only (for example) a carrot has been used on one menu, it will not be used on another menu.

Except for fish menus that can use several types of fish, so it cannot be called repetition of food ingredients. Not only food that is not repeated, but also cooking techniques without repetition, you know. So if there are 10 dishes, it is processed in 10 different ways.

Kaiseki ryori is very expensive. For haute cuisine, don’t be surprised if the price of a kaiseki set can range from 15000 yen to 40000 yen per person. Indeed, there is also kaiseki which is priced at a relatively affordable price of between 4000 yen and 8,000 yen, but of course the features will be different from the high-end restaurants.