Most Popular Candy In Japan

Candy is a food that is certainly owned by most countries, but Japan has a history that is quite interesting for food that is very popular with these children and Artforia will give 5 famous sweets from Japan, according to Japanese records they have produced sweets mass since the 1860s and the level of production continues to increase every year except in the 1940s because Japan was experiencing a world war at that time.

Some successful candy companies in Japan are usually clever at using automatic sales machines and creating a number of new flavors, because in the candy world a variety of unique and unique flavors is one of the biggest attractions of this food, here are 5 famous Japanese permanents .

Chocolate candy was inspired from the Apollo space mission in the 1960s so that the shape of the candy was designed like a spacecraft capsule, the base material is pure chocolate and is well known to date in Japan.

For this one, it also seems familiar to you, where candy with biscuit-based ingredients is in the form of a small Koala by having various kinds of cream contents in it and there is an animal image Koala performs various activities or expresses different emotions on each item. Koala’s March comes in various flavors such as chocolate, strawberries, white chocolate and pineapple.

These milk-based candies may also be owned by other countries, but the classic version of Milky candy from Fujiya is milk caramel candy containing milk powder to provide a strong milk flavor. The Milky brand actually also has other products besides candy foods like this.

his candy, of course, as the name implies, is made from coffee, its unique shape like coffee beans and its attractive taste makes this candy also popular in Japan, the coffee flavor that is not too strong makes the kids also love this candy.