Did You Know About Japanese Shabu-Shabu ?

“Shabu-shabu” is a Japanese dish which is one type of ryori nabe (a dish cooked in a pan and eaten while warm). Usually shabu-shabu is eaten with family and friends. Very thinly sliced ​​beef is dipped repeatedly into the pan until cooked and then eaten with tare sauce.

Usually, the meat used in shabu-shabu is beef. However, lately pork, chicken, and various kinds of fish, such as Japanese amberjack, buntak fish, tai (sea bream), octopus, snow crab, and various other ingredients are also widely used.

The main ingredients are boiled and then eaten together with vegetables, such as leeks, chicory, turnips, carrots, shungiku (leaves of a kind of daisies), various mushrooms (shitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, etc.), tofu, and so on.

Giving his name is very easy. Basically the name of this dish is “shabu-shabu”, when using beef the name becomes “gyu shabu”, when using pork to be “shabu blind”. In essence, the method of naming shabu-shabu is the main ingredient added to the word “meth” behind it.

Shabu-shabu sold in restaurants is usually served in a pan containing dashi jiru (broth) from kombu (a type of seaweed) along with the main ingredient shabu-shabu. After turning on the fire, wait until the dashi jiru boils. While waiting, it’s good to prepare tare sauce and yakumi on a small plate.