Ochazuke – Uniquely Food In Japan

Do you ever try drink green tea? Green tea, which has many benefits for health, can already be found everywhere. But do you know if Japanese people enjoy green tea instead of just making drinks? but they enjoyed it mixed with rice and other ingredients. Well, this time the one to discuss is Ochazuke.

Ochazuke is a simple Japanese food consisting of rice, a sprinkling of side dishes poured with hot green tea. Although the name consists of the word Ocha = tea, not a few also water it with broth / dashi.

This food has been around since Heian, where in the Heian era there was yuzuke = rice poured with hot water. But with time, water is replaced by green tea or broth. In ancient times Japanese people cooked their own side dishes and sprinkles, but now in the era of globalization Akiba-chan and Akiba-kei have been able to enjoy easily, because the instant supermarket has also been sold by supermarkets or combos.

In Kyoto Ochazuke is called Bubuzuke. It is said that if the Kyoto people offer bubuzuke to guests, that means they think the guest is too long to stay and ease the guest to leave immediately. Well, you want to put it mildly like that … The solution, if offered, reject it smoothly and then quickly leave.