4 Dishes You Must Try When Visiting Japan

When compared to other countries, the taste of Japanese food is indeed different from other countries’ food because Japanese food has a softer texture, a more original taste. There are so many types of typical Japanese foods that have been widely known by world food lovers including Indonesia.

Here are 4 Japanese Foods You Must Try, what are they like? Please check below.

1. Sushi

If Japanese food for this one must have been known, it might even be the most favorite Japanese food for some Indonesians! In addition to Indonesia, the Japanese country which is the origin of this food is also a lot of Japanese people who like it! This sushi is a food which is a neat way of serving Japanese food, consisting of rice which is given special vinegar liquid and combined with other food ingredients such as seafood, vegetables, meat and fruits.

2. Sashimi

Furthermore, there is the most culturally Japanese food and reflects Japanese, Sashimi! This sashimi is probably the freshest and raw Japanese food, it contains raw fish pieces and fish eggs and is usually eaten by Japanese people with Soyu sauce. Indonesians apparently also like it and finally many restaurants in Indonesia offer Sashimi menus.

3. Soba

Hooked with noodles? In Japan, there are many variants! Japanese people usually eat noodles with very natural ingredients such as Soba. The meaning of the word Soba itself is rye. This one Japanese food is served together with a special Soba sauce and tempura which certainly maximizes the experience of eating Japanese food like the real Japanese!

4. Takoyaki

Japanese food doesn’t have to be heavy! This is Takoyaki, the most delicious snack from Osaka, Japan in the Kansai prefecture. It tastes always delicious when eaten at night because it’s always served when it’s done cooking. Certainly inviting the appetite of world travelers, including Indonesians in Japan! This takoyaki is a light Japanese food or spherical Japanese snack made from wheat flour and baked over a grill mold. Usually this one Japanese food contains pieces of octopus, tempura, pickled ginger and leeks.