“Halal” Takoyaki In Osaka Japan

Takoyaki is a Japanese food made from flour and filled with octopus and topped with savory katsuobushi. Actually in Indonesia there are many restaurants that sell Takoyaki, but enjoying takoyaki directly from the original city will certainly provide a different experience.

Takoyaki is a Japanese snack that is round and has a savory taste. The marinade itself is made using red ginger, leeks and other flavorings.

Unfortunately for Muslims who are on vacation in Osaka, takoyaki sold usually use pork broth which makes it non-halal food. But there is no need to worry, in Osaka there is a halal takoyaki restaurant called Matsuri.

This restaurant can be an answer to the curiosity of Muslims who want to taste Osaka-style takoyaki. Matsuri means festival, the name Matsuri is chosen to represent various types of menus in this restaurant.

Although there is no halal label in this restaurant, Japanese media called Halal Media Japan explains that the menu in this restaurant is safe for consumption by Muslims.

The restaurant also tries to bring food that has a taste similar to the original but does not use non-halal ingredients so that the food remains safe for consumption.

For food here, priced at 150 yen to 1000 yen, are you interested in coming to this restaurant?