Disgusting Food That Very Popular In Japan

Japan is a country with a million beautynature. Naturally,  the natural beauty that exists is able to hypnotize anyone who comes. But besides the beautiful natural scenery, the culinary in Japan is also interesting to taste.

Starting with Sushi, sashimi, ramen, tempura and various other delicious foods we can try. For the price is also quite diverse. But have you ever tasted unique food in Japan made from raw materials? If not, here are the raw food recommendations that you must taste while visiting the cherry country.

The first food is raw beef liver. Actually, this food has been banned for sale in 2012 ago. Because there are five people who suffer from E. coli after consuming this food. But because many are happy with this food, raw beef liver is still sold even though the shop that sells this food is not as many as before.

Second is Habushu. This food is a snake wine from Okinawa. If you walk in the Naha area, you can see Habushu sold along the road. This drink is sold in the form of transparent bottles with snakes in it.

The third is Suzumebachi. For Japanese people, consuming Suzumebachi (killer bee) is a natural thing. Usually, this food is served with cold beer or sake and can be found in various food stalls.