Nihonshu – Japanese Sake Which Is Really Popular In Japan

If you come to Japan, you definitely want to enjoy various kinds of Japanese things, right? One of them is tasting Japanese food products that are registered in non-objects cultural heritage.

For those who love alcohol, feeling liquor while at a place to eat may also be as important as the main menu. However, because you have come all the way to Japan, you might want to try a different kind of liquor than usual.

You might know the word “SAKE”, but maybe you have never taken real Japanese sake. This time we will introduce Nihonshu (Japanese Sake) which is the result of technology and culture typical of Japan and where you can drink and buy the sake.

Nihonshu can be found in most places in Japan, from ramen shops to taverns, from bars to luxury resets, so you can drink it in various places.

Basically you can buy nihonshu anywhere. In the city center, for example, Nihonshu can be found anywhere from supermarkets to duty free shops at the airport. However, if at a duty free airport store, you can buy it even though it is not yet 20 years old (in Japan, only people over 20 years old are allowed to buy and drink alcohol). If you feel “you want to drink nihonshu but if you drink in a restaurant or take it outside it’s expensive”, you don’t need to worry. You just buy nihonshu in the supermarket and drink it at home.