Famous Japanese Street Food

Itadakimasu! That’s what Japanese people say before eating their food. Japanese food can be said to be worldwide, it is not difficult to find Japanese restaurants that have been established in Indonesia.

But, tasting Japanese street food directly from the country of origin can be an authentic experience. Moreover, the sensation of interacting directly with the seller and chef. The most exciting thing, if it coincides with the festival, along the way will be filled with a variety of tempting food stalls, complete with Japanese ornaments. Here are 7 street food snacks that you have to try in Japan!

One of the most famous street food snacks in Japan, Taiyaki is almost a snack favorite for Japanese people. This fish-shaped pancake is even more special once filled with sweet Azuki red beans. Calm down, there is still a taste of chocolate and cheese which of course can be your favorite!

One of the traditional Japanese street food dishes, actually Yakisoba is Soba noodles fried in meat pieces and mixed with sweet sauce. Added with red pickles gives a more diverse flavor to Yakisoba.

Don’t be fooled by his appearance, Tomorokoshi is not just ordinary roasted corn. Baked with attractive colors and gently smeared with miso, butter and soy sauce, you won’t be able to resist not tasting it. It’s no exaggeration to say that Tomorokoshi is the most delicious corn of all Jangung that you tried before.

Slightly similar to Marshmallow, Dango is a chewy and sweet little ball cake suitable for serving with a cup of green tea. Basically, Dango is burned above
the roasting is then smeared with soy sauce, sugar, and mirin in the right portion for the perfect taste. You can find Dango anywhere, which is adjusted to the current season. For a unique experience, try Sakura’s Dango in spring!