Delicious Japanese Traditional Food

Japanese cuisine (日本 料理 nihon ryōri, nippon ryōri?) Is a food cooked by cooking that develops uniquely in Japan and uses food ingredients taken from Japan and surrounding areas. In Japanese, Japanese food is called nihonshoku or washoku.

Sushi, tempura, shabu-shabu, and sukiyaki are Japanese foods that are popular outside Japan, including in Indonesia. But besides these foods, there are still other foods that are no less delicious.

1. Domburimono

This dish consists of a bowl (domburi) of rice covered with various dishes such as boiled beef (Gyudon), chicken and eggs (oyakodon), fried shrimp (tendon) or fried pork and eggs (katsudon) with tofu and pickled soup. They often eat this because the price is more affordable.

2. Dorayaki

Dorayaki is a cake from Japan. Dorayaki belongs to a group of traditional Japanese cakes (wagashi) which are round-shaped in a slightly translucent shape, consisting of two pieces of cake glued together with red peanut butter. Dorayaki has a soft texture and is similar to a Japanese cake called Kastela because of a mixture containing honey.

3. Ochazuke

Ochazuke or chazuke is the name of Japanese food or how to eat in the form of white rice with a simple side dish which is poured with green tea water, dashi or hot water. Yūzuke is another name for rice poured with hot water. Side dishes are placed on top of rice before pouring tea water (green tea or hōjicha), dashi or hot water. Side dishes used for example umeboshi, tsukemono, shiozake, nori, tsukudani, shiokara, wasabi, tarako (mentaiko).