Taste Unique and Tasty Japanese Tohoku Typical Food

If you discuss about typical Japanese food, of course, what many people know is sushi, ramen, udon, curry or buckwheat. But there are several types of special foods that are rarely heard even though they have a very good taste. Well, this time we will discuss the typical food of the Tohoku region, Japan. For those of you who are traveling to this place, don’t let you miss the Tohoku specialties, besides being only available in Tohoku, this food is also very instagramable.

The first food named Harako Meshi, this food is rice with fresh salmon topping and red savory kavier which is very tasty and delicious! This food is usually served for family gatherings, but the habit has shifted so that people can even taste this cuisine.

The second food you should try is called Kaki No Dote Nabe. This food is a hotpot containing fresh oysters taken from the river! For the problem of taste, there is no doubt about its enjoyment. Nabe itself means hotpot while Dote means river bank, so this food means a hot pot of oysters by the river.

The third typical food that you must taste is Matsu No Mi Shira Ae. This food has the meaning of persimmon filled with bean tofu sauce. It sounds weird and unfamiliar, isn’t it? The sweet persimmon fruit is communicated with soft bean tofu sauce and pears, grapes and fresh apples make this food a desert that is very interesting to try.

The fourth food, as well as the last typical Tohoku food you have to taste, is Michinoku Kokeshi Bento. Kokeshi itself is a Japanese traditional game. The Kokeshi name is taken because this food is very suitable for provision for children. This food is a bento type with a very healthy mountain vegetable topping. Rice making is also very unique, namely by the method of tachycomy or the mash method.

For those of you who come to Tohoku, don’t miss the four meals. Besides being delicious, the food above is also a characteristic of Tohoku which is always the target of tourists when they come to visit there.