Unique Tea In Japan You Need To Try

You will be addicted after trying the culinary kick on the tongue in Japan. Examples such as ramen and sushi. But there is some typical Japanese tea whose flavor is refreshing. Do you know anything about it ? Check this out !

1. Ocha

Vacation to Japan feels less if you have not tried ocha. Yep, this is a typical Japanese drink in the form of tea with a distinctive taste. There are also many types. The famous one is the type of sencha. This type of tea is very popular. Not only during winter, Ocha is also selling well in the summer because it is served cold.

2. Mugicha

This drink is also in the form of tea. However, the main ingredient for making it is not using green tea leaves, but grilled wheat. The uniqueness of Mugicha is not only its taste, but also its benefits. That said, drinks that are better drunk in cold conditions can relieve stress. No need to worry, you can find it at the Sakura State supermarket.

3. Sobacha

Want to feel the tea that tastes anti mainstream? Try Sobacha. This drink is in the form of a spicy tea. The material used to make it comes from buckwheat seeds or grilled berries. Its properties do warm and refresh the body. However, you need to know if Sobacha has alcohol in it.