Sanma Fish – Japanese Autumn Season Favourite Fish

Autumn has arrived! Autumn may be the favorite season of all Japanese people. Because in addition to the cool air temperature, autumn is a meaningful harvest season, there will be lots of food there. This is the time when Japanese people will spoil themselves with a variety of unique and delicious foods

For Japanese people who love seafood, the sanma fish that can be found in autumn is one of the best dishes. In autumn, sanma fish is very tasty and fat, so it is very good to eat.

Sanma (秋刀魚), or Sauri Pacific, is one of the marine fish that is a favorite of Japanese people. the shape of this sanma fish is long, and they can swim very fast, the speed is like a delicious fish. Of course taste is the main factor why this fish is very popular.

Sanma fish are found in the northern part of Japanese waters. Japanese people usually eat this dish by baking after sprinkling a little salt. However, there is also a restaurant that serves sanma fish as sashimi or sushi.

One area in Tokyo is Meguro, making a sanma fish festival in each fall. Sanma Meguro Fish Festival is one of the largest fish festivals held in the city of Tokyo. This festival is taken from the story of “Meguro no Sanma” (Sanma Meguro) which dates back to the Edo period.

It is said that the story is that there was a samurai who was offered to eat sanma fish while passing through the Meguro area. The samurai was very impressed with his delicacy, and his famous words were “Sanma wa Meguro ni Kagiru” (There is nothing better than the sanma fish in Meguro). Since then, the Meguro Sanma Fish Festival is held every year.

There you can buy sanma fish at very cheap prices then bake them yourself on charcoal. The baked fish you can eat right away !