Disgusting Food In Japan

Japan is a country that is very advanced in technology. Technological sophistication is also often applied in the culinary field. Not surprisingly, many Japanese culinary enthusiasts. Besides being delicious, Japanese dishes are also considered unique. So unique, some foods tend to be weird and disgusting. Wow, what’s that?

1. Shirako

Although it looks like a cow intestine, it turns out this food comes from the genitals of male fish and contains male fish sperm. Even though it seems disgusting, this food is quite popular in Pubs and Japanese Sushi Bars.

2. Inago No Tsukudani

Famous in rural Japan, inago no tsukudani is the traditional food of its citizens. This Inago no tsukudani means grasshopper which is boiled with Tsukudani, which is sweet soy sauce with special Japanese spices.

3. Zazamushi

This food is widely spreading in Japan. Zazamushi itself is an insect that lives in water. But actually, zazamushi is a name applied by small larvae in the river. The name “zaza” itself is the sound of the river if it flows.

4. Shiroup No Odorogui

Shirouo is the name of a small, transparent fish. Named like that because these foods are served and eaten alive. When eating it, the fish is like dancing in our mouth or referred to as odorogui.