Kobe Beef – The Most Delicious And Expensive Beef Meat In Japan

Japanese beef is included in the menu list that you must try when visiting Japan. The texture is different compared to ordinary beef and the price is much more expensive. However, not many tourists know the quality of the beef.

One of the most famous beef in Japan is Kobe beef. Basically, Kobe beef comes from Tajima cattle and belongs to one of the Wagyu races. Kobe beef has a good marbling and a lot of unsaturated fat which results in a soft and chewy texture. Usually Kobe beef is served as steak, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, sashimi, and teppanyaki.

All Kobe Cows are from Tajima, a rare type of cow native to Japan. After the Kobe cattle were born, the way they were treated determined how good the quality of the meat, especially the texture and level of tenderness, and how the marble or marble pattern contained in the Kobe beef fat.

Specifically, there is a special assessment between the A1-A5, where the Kobe beef has at least an A4 value. In addition there is also a marbling scale to assess the fat content between 1-12 and Kobe beef must have a value above 6. Only 3000 cows each year that pass the assessment and declared as Kobe beef quality.

To produce quality Kobe cattle, some cattle breeders in Japan treat Kobe cattle like a king. They deliberately play music to their pet cows. Especially when meals arrive. This will make the cow calmer so that appetite increases.

Kobe cages are also usually small, but with clean conditions. It is intended that the cows do not move too much, so that they do not lose much fat in their body. In addition, to reduce stress levels in cattle, they often massage their cows. By doing so, they believe that Kobe cattle raised will have a quality texture of meat.

In the Kobe area, there are many restaurants serving Kobe beef and 95% of them are specifically certified to serve Kobe beef. To be sure, each restaurant must display their certificate in the restaurant. The Kobe beef is usually served as Teppanyaki where the chef will cut and bake the meat directly in front of you, or Yakiniku, which you can bake yourself at will.

Kobe beef is sold at a price that is quite expensive at around 31,500 Yen per 870 grams, or if it is converted into Rp. 3,700,000 per 870 grams. According to experts, Kobe beef has different contours and textures compared to other beef. Many layers of fat between fibers, high levels of marbling, pink flesh color, and good fat color are all owned by Kobe beef.