Best Sweet Snack In Japan !

As a country that has its own characteristics, Japanese food is often different from other countries. Many Japanese foods have different looks and flavors that make foreign tourists willing to visit it. Below is a sweet Japanese snack that you must try when visiting this Sakura country.

Taiyaki is a cake baked in the form of fish and is a mandatory food during Japanese festivals. Taiyaki is usually sold on the roadside for 100-200 yen. The most famous contents of taiyaki are red bean paste, but there are also other flavors such as chocolate, matcha, etc.

Wasanbon is a colorful candy made from refined sugar derived from real Japanese-made sugar, so the price can be quite expensive. Wasanbon is sold in cute shapes, such as animals, cherry blossoms, etc. and when eaten, the sugar will melt in the mouth.

Mochi is a Japanese food made from sticky rice and is very popular as a dessert. Because it is one of the famous and favorite foods, this mochi is easy to find and is available in most stores. In addition to the contents of red pasta beans, during the summer mochi variants with ice cream contents are also available.

Karinto is a crispy Japanese snack made from yeast, flour, brown sugar and is a food that has been around since the 1800s. This karinto is usually served in warm conditions at festivals or at food stalls, but this carinto can also be bought in packs at the supermarket.