What to Eat in Japan

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If you’re planning a family vacation to Japan, you might be worried about the food. You can find out more about Sukiyaki, Tempura, Gyoza, and Unagi-no-kabayaki in this article. If you are traveling alone, you can eat a variety of Japanese dishes, such as ramen and sushi. In addition, Japanese restaurants have a self-service system. Customers choose their food from a touch-screen machine and pay by credit card or cash and pick it up from a counter. This eliminates the potential for service breakdowns.


The origins of sukiyaki are unclear. However, the word suki, which means “grilled,” has been associated with Japanese cuisine for centuries. Before the introduction of Buddhism, the Japanese did not eat beef. Instead, they would feed beef to their soldiers during wartime, and these soldiers would cook the meat on plowshares over hot coals outside their homes. By the 16th century, Japanese chefs had mastered the technique and started preparing sukiyaki with beef.


Tempura in Japan is a traditional Japanese fried dish. Typically made with vegetables or seafood, tempura is lightly battered and deep fried, and is traditionally served with a dipping sauce. Despite its name, this delicious dish is not as heavy as it looks. Instead, it emphasizes the flavor and freshness of the ingredients. For example, fish tempura, or katsuobushi, is a delicious choice for a light lunch or light dinner.


A trip to Japan is not complete without sampling some of the most popular gyoza dishes. While the classic Japanese gyoza is a favorite around the world, it’s not the only way to enjoy them. Many other Asian cuisines serve gyoza as a side dish, too. You can enjoy a variety of styles and flavors of gyoza in Japan, from sweet and savory to spicy and sour.


When you’re in Japan, don’t miss the opportunity to sample the most popular unagi dish. The una-ju-soaked eel is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. This dish is a traditional staple of Japanese cooking and has been valued as a health food for centuries. Here’s how to order unagi in Japan. It’s an extremely tasty way to end a meal!

Tempura-style chicken skewers

Tempura-style chicken skewer, also known as Toriten, is a traditional Japanese dish that is crispy and light. Unlike the traditional deep-fried chicken, tempura-style chicken skewers don’t contain bones, making them a healthy and delicious option for snacking. In Japan, this popular dish is often served alongside other dishes, such as Udon and Soba.