The Most Populer Sushi In The World

If we talk about the most popular Japanese food, what people will mention first is sushi. As we already know, sushi is a food made from rice which is added with several types of toping. Over time, there were many types of sushi in circulation. Well here are some of the most famous types of sushi in the world.

The first type of sushi is Nori Maki. This type of sushi is very popular because it has a delicious taste. Rice will be rolled with several types of topping such as crab sticks, corn, tuna, octopus and others. Later the rice will be rolled using savory and crunchy seaweed.

The second sushi is Nigiri Sushi. For this type of sushi is also a favorite of many people. But there are some people who don’t like this type of sushi. This sushi uses toping with very tasty raw materials such as squid, eels and salmon or tuna.

The third sushi is Chirasi Sushi. For this one sushi is a little different, if in general sushi will run out in one bite, then this sushi is more directed to the type of bento. There are many toppings used in this sushi such as shrimp, salmon, fish eggs, tofu, eggs and so on.

The fourth sushi is Oshizushi. For this one, the sushi is square and also has a slightly different way of making. But the taste of this sushi is very delicious. You need to know, for this type of sushi has a slightly more expensive price.