Takoyaki – Delicious Snacks From Kansai Japan

Takoyaki is one of the delicious snacks from Kansai, Japan. This one food is round, small like a ping pong ball. In its origin area, takoyaki is made from flour mixture with octopus slices. To make delicious takoyaki recipes is very easy, you can even cook yourself at home.

In Indonesia, takoyaki can now be easily found in Japanese restaurants. Takoyaki snacks have grown in Indonesia not long ago so many people are still wondering about this one snack.

Its unique name and delicious taste makes takoyaki much popular and is a trend among young people today. Amazingly, takoyaki can be made with various variants/fillings such as sausages, cheese, chicken, squid, and cheese. takoyaki filling can be adjusted according to individual taste.

Takoyaki is made using special molds shaped like half-ball basins. In one pan, it generally consists of 16 holes or even more than that. In Japan, takoyaki is made by using octopus stuffing and that is the characteristic of the takoyaki of Sakura Nation.

In Indonesia itself, takoyaki can be found easily. There is so many restaurants who sell this food, we can also found street food seller who sells takoyaki. So if you want to try takoyaki, you don’t need to go to Japan.