Popular Street Food in Japan

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It is important to remember that while meat and fish are cheaper than in the U.S., vegetables and dairy products are much more expensive in Japan. Unlike in the United States, cheese doesn’t have a place in Japanese cooking, so even the smallest cube in the grocery store is quite pricey. Even a carton of milk is not easy to find, and yogurt doesn’t seem to exist. Fortunately, there are several vegetarian restaurants in Japan that serve some fantastic dishes.


The history of sushi in Japan dates back to the Meiji era. There are references to this food as far back as the Yoro ritsuryo code, and Shozeicho balance sheets, which describe tax rice and sushi. But sushi was considered to exist long before these documents were written. The first written descriptions of sushi attributed it to Osamu SHINODA, who wrote about it in “The History of Sushi in Japan”. During this time, the Japanese people were still cultivating rice, but it was not yet a cuisine that incorporated fish.


Onigiri in Japan are rice balls that are rolled up in a sushi roll, a popular street food in the country. There are several types of onigiri, ranging from the basic to the gourmet. These rice balls are traditionally made with seaweed, seasoned rice, and vegetables. They are usually covered with white sesame seeds. Some varieties of onigiri have additional ingredients, such as azuki beans or bacon.


A popular dish in Japan, gyoza is traditionally served with dipping sauce. You can also make your own gyoza and serve it as a side dish. These dumplings are made with vegetables and meat, and the filling is seasoned with sesame oil or soy sauce. You can also add a touch of chili oil if you like. There are many ways to eat gyoza, and all of them are delicious!


If you’re looking for traditional unaju in Tokyo, you should consider visiting Hashimoto, which opened in 1835. The restaurant is run by a 6th generation chef and serves a variety of unagi and uni dishes. The spiciness of the eel’s meat is the highlight here, and you can get a tasty meal for less than 500 JPY at this local favorite. Unaju can be eaten as a soup, or as a meal with various side dishes.

Unani Nigiri

Unani Nigiri is a Japanese rice finger topped with a small piece of raw fish. Although nigiri are traditionally served with raw fish, you can order cooked, seared, or smoked fish as well. Some Japanese restaurants even offer vegetarian versions. Nigiri are served as a pair and are often garnished with pickled ginger leaves and a small dish of soy sauce.

Curry rice

Though curry rice is a popular food in Japan, it has only been around for a hundred years. The dish actually originated from British influences that came to the country during the nineteenth century when Britain ruled India. As a result, the Japanese have adapted this dish to become one of their favorite meals. The Japanese curry sauce is different from the style found in India. Its flavor is reminiscent of Indian curry, but with a much milder spice.


If you want to try ramen in Japan, the best places to start are supermarkets, grocery stores, and 100-yen shops. The best ramen restaurants in Japan tend to be located in older cities. Tokyo has more than 200 varieties of ramen, and Yokohama has many excellent ramen shops. While there are many different ways to enjoy ramen, these three are the best options. In addition to grocery stores and ramen shops, you can also visit a ramen restaurant.