Matcha, The Most Iconic Tea In Japan

Matcha is now becoming a worldwide trend and comes in various forms. Indeed, Matcha is actually very easy to be used as a cooking ingredient to give a unique taste, so it is only natural that Matcha now comes in the form of ice cream, sweets, cakes, and so on. But what makes green tea from Japan more attractive than the various green tea variants we have known so far?

Matcha is a special green tea powder from Japan that is often used in tea ceremonies. In contrast to green tea in general (also known as Sencha).

Matcha is made from green tea leaves which during its planting are protected from direct sunlight for up to 20 days before being picked. The tea leaves used to make Matcha are only the best tea leaves, which are then dried thoroughly and then crushed into powder, then brewed using hot water.

The most important difference between Matcha and Sencha is Matcha contains all the nutrients from green tea leaves, including those that are usually wasted in the process of brewing green tea that we know so far. Therefore, the nutrition in a cup of Matcha is equivalent to nutrition in 10 cups of Sencha.