How to Write a Sportsbook Article


Sports writing is a popular article type that captures emotions and action through interviews and descriptions, while presenting objective statistics about a subject. The articles can be as simple as a recap of a sports event or a detailed profile of an athlete.

The key to a successful sports article is to understand your audience and to write with the appropriate level of detail and accuracy. You should be familiar with the specifics of your chosen sport, including its history and culture.

Start your article by making the reader curious about the subject you’re writing about. This can be done by opening with a lead that’s interesting and creative, or by introducing the subject by sharing an interesting quote.

Often, this leads the reader to a more thorough story that describes the topic in greater depth. It may be the story of a team’s latest loss, or it could be the story of a player’s personal accomplishments.

Regardless of the subject, a good sports article should have an exciting lead paragraph. This should grab the readers attention and force them to read the entire article. A strong lead always highlights an important or interesting fact about the subject. It can be a simple fact, like the Boston Celtics’ fifteenth loss in a row, or it can be an unusual aspect of the subject, such as their love for practical jokes. A strong lead will also be short and sweet, with no more than 5-10 words.