Enjoy Shabu And Katsudon In Delonix Hotel

Sakana is located at Delonix Hotel Karawang. With a thick Japanese nuance, this restaurant serves chicken katsu don sets and shabu-shabu that are worth tasting.

Sakana is a Japanese restaurant located in Mid Plaza 1, Sudirman. This restaurant is also available at Delonix Hotel Karawang which is also part of Mid Plaza Holdings.

This hotel is unique because it offers a thick Japanese atmosphere. In the room, for example, using a mattress that is rather hard. The use of this mattress mimics the habits of Japanese people who do not like soft mattresses to avoid back pain.

There is also ofuro or a separate hot spring for men and women. Ofuro is filled with sulfur water that is brought directly from Ciater so that soaking in it will have a positive effect on health.

The restaurant at Delonix Hotel Karawang is of course authentic Japanese. At the Garden Wing Tower, there is a Sakana restaurant which from the front has Japanese interior with curtains and wood insulated.

The eating area is divided into three. Some are in a regular room, a mini bar, and have a tatami concept. There is a room surrounded by wooden barriers which limits visitors to one another.