Crunchy Tempura In Ginza Japan

Holidays to Japan are more complete by tasting various special foods. Including savory tempura in Tokyo, Japan.

Traveling in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, a traveler can not only shop but also try Japanese cuisine. After being satisfied around Ginza for shopping, a traveler can rest while eating tempura at Ginza Tenkuni.

Japanesefoodsite had the opportunity to enjoy lunch there during the trip to the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) and Garuda Indonesia some time ago. Ginza Tenkuni is a traditional Japanese restaurant that was established in 1885.

The main menu is tempura, crispy Japanese fried food made from shrimp and vegetables. At that time, what I tasted was a lunch set tendon, which contained a bowl of rice and mixed tempura in the bowl.

Then for friends to eat tempura and rice there is miso soup. Drink a glass of ocha or warm green tea. Tempura served is still warm, not spicy but crunchy, suitable for eating with rice.

While eating, visitors who sit near the upper floor window can enjoy the atmosphere of Ginza which is crowded with travelers who are moving around carrying groceries. Ginza is indeed one of the most popular shopping tourist destinations in Japan.

Well, a traveler can taste this portion of tempura at a cost of 1,100 Yen (Rp 126 thousand). The portion can be considered quite large and filling. It’s perfect to fill your stomach before continuing your tour in Tokyo.