Amezaiku – The Art Of Making Candy In Japan

There are unique and beautiful candies in Japan, namely amezaiku. This candy is in the form of various characters. When getting amezaiku candy, you will choose to keep it than to eat it.

Amezaiku is not actually the name of a candy bar. Ameizaku is the traditional art of making candy in various forms. There is so many form, like animal, flowers, and many more.

This amezaiku art has been around for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, the art of making and forming traditional sweets has become scarce. Even in Japan itself, Amezaiku is only practiced by a handful of people.

Candy or some call it cotton candy like other sweets, which are made from sugar syrup. The difference is, in this amezaiku there is also the addition of sticky rice starch and organic coloring, so that the resulting candy color becomes more beautiful.

With some special equipment, such as small scissors, tweezers, and the tip of chopsticks, my amaze experts form sugar syrup and glutinous and processed starch extract. The processed product will be transparent and flexible. With that flexibility, the amezaiku maker can form it easily. For example by pulling, pinching, and bending.

Because cotton candy or ingredients used quickly harden, it takes a speed and takes about 3-5 minutes to produce the desired amezaiku candy form.