Best Sushi Restaurant In Jakarta

Best Sushi Restaurant In Jakarta

Sushi is a typical food from Japan. But many indigenous people like this rice-based cuisine. Sushi itself has a variety of types. For example, sushi rolled with seaweed on the outside is called norimaki or another type wrapped in tofu skin as a container commonly called inari. The ingredients also range from fish, vegetables, to avocados.

But every restaurant usually has a taste that is worthy of trying. Of the many sushi restaurants in Jakarta, the author will give you the 6 best sushi recommendations, right?

Number one is Sushi Masa. Sushi is always almost perfect reviews are always crowded with visitors, especially if you visit during lunch time. Because all sushi and all menus here are famous for their freshness, visitors are willing to travel a fair distance away from the center of the capital even though they spend a little inside. Sushi Masa becomes a place that you must really visit!

Sushi Tei has a price rating that is still in the pocket of young people. You can order a variety of sushi from Norimaki starting from Rp. 15,000 just like that! Uniquely for birthday visitors, they will be given free sushi from Tei sushi. Sushi Tei has several outlets in Jakarta. Come on, hurry up to the nearest Sushi Tei outlet!

If you are looking for a sushi restaurant that has an all you can eat menu at an affordable price, sushi is also the answer. One of the outlets is located at Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok WD 2 No. 19, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta.

The menu for all you can eat Sushi Joobu can be enjoyed by simply paying starting from Rp. 180,000. With that price you can get sushi with various variants or unagi and sashimi.

The Most Delicious Sushi Restaurant in Jakarta!

Fans of sushi and sashimi, don’t miss the info below, Japanese restaurants that have the best sushi and sashimi menus in Jakarta.

1. Sushi Masa

Raditya Dika recently uploaded a photo on his Instagram account. The self-portrait photo shows him eating at a sushi restaurant with a caption, “Let’s try what he says is the most delicious sushi in Jakarta.” Its location, at Sushi Masa. If you are curious, come immediately to Sushi Masa to prove yourself. Being inside the fish market area, this restaurant is built very comfortably. Plus fast, friendly, and well-understood services with product knowledge so you are free to ask anything about their menus. For the menu, the salmon at Sushi Masa is really fresh so the menu with the salmon frills feels like you should order here.

Address: Gray Building Lt. 3, Jl. Tuna Raya No. 5, Penjaringan, North Jakarta

Tel. 021-29263561

2. Genki Sushi

This sushi restaurant branches directly from Japan. Not surprisingly, the concept is unique and sophisticated, such as food delivered by “shinkansen” directly to your table. Food messages are also online through gadgets at each table. If you order a Hot Ocha drink, there is also a hot tap at each table. Funny. To be sure, the salmon menu here all shakes the tongue because of the freshness and cutting technique.

3. Edogin

Located in Mulia Hotel, Jakarta, Edogin comes with a very complete Japanese cuisine specialization, divided into 5 parts, namely Tepanyaki, Soup / Udon, Grilled, Sushi and Sashimi, and Fried Stuffs and Desserts. Wrapped in a luxurious atmosphere and friendly service, you and your partner will really enjoy eating at Edogin.

Address: Plaza Senayan, Grand Indonesia, and Mall Kelapa Gading 2