Best Ramen All Over The World

Best Ramen All Over The World

For you fans of noodles, of course you are familiar with ramen. This delicious noodle from Japan is liked by many people. In fact, the obsession of various countries towards ramen knows no boundaries.

In some countries, ramen is used as an instant package as a staple food for students. Ramen is a mass dish that is liked by all people. Not only in Japan, some cities in the United States also have the best ramen restaurants.

Want to know where are the best ramen restaurants in the United States? Following is the review of, through Insider, Monday (2/26/2018).

This became the best ramen restaurant in Hoover Alabama. Customers really like the pork ramen noodles served here. Not only ramen, this restaurant also provides sushi. “This place is really good! We ordered a spicy crab roll, philly roll and the shrimp tempura rollers. The service is pleasant and accommodating. Prices are also reasonable. However, when Friday is very crowded,” said one customer of O Sushi, Maryam. Cambridge.

“This is my favorite ramen place in the city. The pork ramen is delicious. They have a lot of chashu pork. Sushi rolls are also recommended. You should taste the seaweed salad,” said Amrita M from Birmingham.

Soup and staff at Ramen House warms your heart very much. “I really enjoy eating zodiac ramen. They serve ramen with chashu pork, cabbage, carrots, red onions, bean sprouts, eggs, green onions, and bamboo shoots with healthy ramen noodles,” wrote Ramen House customer Laura O from Anchorage.

Haci Ramen is completely closed for two hours just to prepare their broth. This is made so that their menus are always fresh every day. “Delicious authentic ramen is here. I tried tonkotsu on my first visit and can’t wait to try shoyu and miso too. Tonkotsu gravy is delicious and balanced. Very flavorful but not too heavy, the amount of fat and salt is right. The noodles are also I also tasted the gyoza I’ve tried in AZ. The service is also fun. I like talking to the owner or chef about the origin of making this ramen, after being trained in Japan. Thankful that this ramen restaurant is here, “said Say M from from Chandler, Arizona.