Kawai Shape Food In Japan

Kawai Shape Food In Japan

Japan is one of the best countries in terms of maintaining traditions or customs. No exception to the traditional culinary problems that exist in a country that has many beauties. One of the things that deserves a thumbs up is that Japan is not only a unique culinary attraction, but Japan is also able to maintain the shape and flavor of the culinary.

Just name the kinds of traditional cakes in Japan. Traditional cakes in Japan have a unique shape. To the extent that it can’t bear to eat these traditional cakes. Here are 3 traditional Japanese cakes that really cute.

The first traditional cake is Namagashi. Namagashi itself is a general term for sweets used in tea ceremonies in Japan. Usually this one cake is served at banquet and it is filled with sweet peanut butter. The shape that looks cute with bright colors can make people who will eat it become heartless.

Second is Higashi. Higashi is a traditional Japanese food that is dry and has little water. Usually higashi is made from a mixture of rice flour and sugar pressed and printed.

This one food can immediately melt in the mouth when eaten. Higashi is often eaten together with matcha drinks. This is natural because higashi has a perfect sweet taste so it can compensate for the bitter taste of the drink.

Third is Taiyaki. This traditional Japanese food is a food made from a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, water and other mixed ingredients. This fish-shaped food turns out to have a fairly unique cooking process, where the top of the cake is cooked separately from the bottom of the cake. When it’s cooked, it’s then put together with red peanut butter.