Unique Japanese Cooking Method: Kaminabe ( Japanese Paper Hotpot )

There is always something special about Japanese dishes. Like Kaminabe or the art of cooking using Japanese paper as this unique container. The heat-resistant and safe paper characteristics of the paper make it delicious to eat.

There is so much Kaminabe menu, like Tara Ciri Kaminabe, Beef Tuskune Kaminabe, Seafood Kaminabe and Tori Shima Kaminabe. The difference from the four is the composition of the ingredients and variations in the sauce.

Enjoying a fresh bowl of Kaminabe, it feels like a visit to this modern Japanese restaurant. Miyagi Restaurant carries the concept of Fine Japanese for Everyone so that its visitors can eat Japanese menus with the present concept.

Not only various variations of the taste of Kaminabe that you should try there. This restaurant also offers a variety of sushi and udon, of course with a special taste. The choices of sushi available include Ebi Mentai, Kizami Unagi to sushi with a fusion flavor.

Kaminabe usually Contains pieces of seafood, tofu, vegetables and mushrooms to make this one warm soup delicious to eat. Even more unique, Japanese-style soup is served in Japanese paper pot or on Japanese heat-resistant paper.

So if you want to taste unique flavour of Japanese dishes, Kaminabe can be the perfect match for you !