Things to Try When Eating in Japan

There are several things to try when eating in Japan, including Tempura, Onigiri, and Kaiseki (traditional Japanese meal). Here are a few ideas of what to order in each type of restaurant. If you’re looking for something easy to prepare, Japanese cuisine offers many possibilities. Let’s get started! Tempura and Onigiri are quick and easy appetizers and meals. You can order these dishes at a variety of restaurants and enjoy them right away!

Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese meal

A traditional Japanese meal, kaiseki is a carefully crafted combination of textures, flavours, and visual appeal. Each dish, or course, is chosen with care, with attention paid to its presentation and use of seasonal ingredients. The final product is a cross-section of dishes presented on visually complementary dishware. The whole meal is a sensory experience and a celebration of the region’s culture, cuisine, and seasonality.


Tempura in Japan dates back to the mid-16th century. The Portuguese Jesuits brought the battered, deep-fried food to Japan. The culinary culture of neighboring China had long featured fried foods. Despite this, frying never caught on in Japan. The Japanese quickly made Tempura a popular snack, and emperor Tokugawa Ieyasu is reputed to have loved it.


Onigiri is an incredibly popular Japanese snack. It is a triangular rice ball, typically served with a sweet sauce. To serve onigiri, place a piece of nori (rice paper) on the bottom. The rough side of the nori should be the side that faces the rice. Then, place a small amount of filling in the center. Repeat these steps several times, making sure that all the rice is covered.

Onigiri is a quick and easy food

Onigiri is a simple rice ball with a variety of ingredients. They can include pickled mustard leaves, umeboshi (pickled Japanese plums) and seaweed. The seasoning is typically sprinkled over the rice. Some people choose to add additional ingredients, such as sliced avocado or cheese. Whether you use fresh or frozen ingredients is up to you.

Castella is a sponge cake

The original version of the castella is an Italian dessert that was introduced to Japan in the sixteenth century. The cake has since undergone a transformation into a traditional Japanese sweet. It was deemed wagashi during the Edo period, because of its mixing techniques and the use of mizuame syrup to give it a chewy texture. Today, it is a prized dessert in Japan, and major confectionery companies have preserved the original recipe.

Unagi is a traditional Japanese food

For many people, the taste of unagi will bring images of the sea and freshwater fish. However, the unagi’s life cycle is still unknown. It is unclear why the eels are so popular in Japan, and the question is, “what makes them so special?”