Best Chips With Unique Flavours In Japan

Best Chips With Unique Flavours In Japan

Bored with Chitato, Pringles, or Lays? I am bored, because the choice of taste offered is like everything. At least the taste offered is the taste of cheese, BBQ, roast beef, what else? And very rarely they emit new flavors.

Japan is famous for its unique foods, such as ice cream, or maybe strange foods like the previous post. Likewise with chips snacks available in this country. Famous brands such as Pringles, Calbee, or Doritos also market their products in Japan and add local products. The difference is that they diligently bring out new flavors every week and you don’t buy them late because they are only available at certain times. Of course Pringles, Calbee, or Doritos also sell regular flavors in addition to these quite unique flavors. Want to know what flavors are sold in Japan? Yu, we see some of them …

Louisiana Cut
This Lousiana Cut brand has the taste of Fond De Veau, which is a French-style beef flavor sauce

American Burger
Hamburger-flavored potato chips. Inspired by the savory taste of junk food

Carmel Butter
Butter like biscuits but lighter

Caesar Salad
Potato chips with a taste like a salad

Qīngiāo rói
Chips with Chinese-style flavors with green pepper spices, pork and other spices

Cheese Cake
Chips with a sweet cheese cake flavor. This Caramel Corn is a sub-brand of the Thato company

Cheese Curry
The taste of cheese curry. Like eating curry which contains all potatoes.

Corn Potage
Chips with the taste of cream cheese soup … Yummy

Cream Croquette
Creamy croquette flavor. Imagine you are eating fried croquettes and served with soup

Gara Masala
These chips taste like naan (spicy traditional bread from India) but make you unable to stop eating them.

Gara Masala Curry
Just like Gara Masala but this one is made from corn, not naan.

Gorgonzola is blue cheese from Italy

Possam Kimchee
Chips with spicy sour taste like Kimchee