Enjoy The Best Japanese Ramen At Ichiran Ramen Restaurant

Enjoy The Best Japanese Ramen At Ichiran Ramen Restaurant

When on vacation in Japan, of course, we have to try the typical food of the cherry blossoms country. One of the Japanese specialties that are very popular with tourists is ramen. In Japan, there is one of the most famous ramen shops even outside of Japan, the name is Ichiran.

Ichiran ramen shop is a favorite ramen shop for travelers. Almost all culinary lovers who come to Japan must stop by Ichiran ramen shop. The ramen shop Ichiran also has many branches, not only in Japan, even the Ichiran ramen branch has also expanded overseas.

When visiting Ichiran ramen shop, we will be greeted with a board that will show the availability of seats. With the information board, of course, can inform you about the availability of seats so that we do not need to bother asking the shop staff.

To order food in the Ichiran shop, we need to order it through a machine that has been provided. There is no need to be afraid because the name of the food comes in various languages (Japanese, English, Korean, Mandarin) is written on the machine. The most famous menu at Ichiran is Tennen Tonkotsu Ramen, priced at 790 Yen (around 100,000 rupiahs).

Although the machine has been provided to order food, sometimes visitors are confused. Therefore the manager has provided an information board on how to use the machine, problem solved!

There is one interesting place here, it’s a concentration seat. In here visitors will be given a sheet of paper that must be filled. On the paper are the characteristics of the desired ramen. Later the order will come in accordance with the paper already filled in, cool isn’t it?

Less full with ramen served? You can order kae-dama which is priced at 190 Yen. Here you will get additional ramen noodles without soup and toping, feeling too much? Just order han-dama (half a portion of kae-dama).

How, are you interested in enjoying ramen while on vacation in Japan?