Most Popular Traditional Japanese Food

Soba noodles are noodles made from rye, slightly rough with thickness like spaghetti, and can be served both warm and cold. Soba cuisine is very popular and can be found in almost all of Japan.

Sukiyaki is one of the popular dishes in Japan, which is eating where you cook it, namely from the pan. How to cook sukiyaki is different in each region in Japan.

Sushi is typical of Japanese cuisine with a long history and full of tradition. Sushi may be one of the culinary icons of Japan.

Tempura is a dish of vegetables or seafood that is shrouded and fried. It’s best when eaten with dipped and salt sauce.

Tendons are a typical Japanese dish consisting of a bowl with rice with meat, eggs, or vegetables.

Chanko nabe is one of the many quantities of stew from Japan and is one of the foods that wrestlers like to eat to fatten their bodies.

Yakitori is a Japanese chicken satay. Yakitori is a simple dish, which only requires a little spice and the right cooking method.

Yakizakana is a food made from fish which is baked on fire. Seasoned with sauces such as teriyaki sauce, shioyaki, and kushiyaki.