Best Okonomiyaki Restaurant In Jakarta

For those of you who don’t know what okonomiyaki is, it’s Japanese pancakes, whose basic ingredients are eggs, flour, and Japanese broth. When it’s done, add the really good toppings. Approximately, in Jakarta, where are there good okonomiyaki? Let’s just find out immediately!

1. Okiro Bar, Grand Indonesia Mall

This place is really exciting! You can grill your own okonomiyaki on your own table. The place is funny, makes it happy, because it’s colorful! Just try Hiroshima Caramelized Wagyu (Rp. 159,000) is really yummy! The meat is juicy. Satisfied!

2. Sakana, Sudirman

Okonomiyaki here has the noodles! It’s really funny! The combination of mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce really kicks in. The price is only Rp. Just 38,000 people!

3. Koiki Japanese Restaurant, Senopati

In addition to the large portion and very satisfied, it feels like it’s also rocking the tongue! There are also many toppings, there are crab sticks, seaweed, squid, really crazy! The price is Rp. 68,000, -.

4. Kira Kira Ginza, Melawai

For those who admit that they like Okonomiyaki, try this one! The outside is crisp but the palace is soft and feels really good. Keep it cool! I won’t regret it.

5. My mother, Mampang Prapatan

This one okonomiyaki feels melt in your mouth! Bonito flakes are so much, making Japanese flavors taste! The texture is also right and really tastes great. Crazy!

6. Kiwami, Gandaria

Want to eat satisfied okonomiyaki? Try Okonomiyaki Cheese Beef (IDR 40,000)! Very nice label! The combination of cheese, meat and eggs in the mixture mixes one flavor that is perfect !