Are you curious about Hokkaido snacks?

The most crucial thing when I have to go to Japan is to buy souvenirs !!! There are so many items and foods that are beautifully packaged, so it feels difficult to choose which one to buy? There is one easy tips for buying souvenirs, just find out what local food you visit.

This time, we will tell you 4 typical Hokkaido snacks! So, for those of you who are on holiday to Hokkaido, you can buy 4 types of local food. Good to be tasted on the spot or for family gifts. This is the most popular Hokkaido snack!

1. Melon Yubari

Super expensive melons that are always used as souvenirs named Melon Yubari. Melon Yubari has a pale green and round shape. Because it is cultivated carefully and prioritizes quality, it’s no wonder the price is very draining. However, in terms of taste it is very satisfying. Melon skin tends to be thin and dominated by fruit flesh. Don’t be asked about the taste, sweet and fast!

2. Milk

Because it is supported by a good and clean climate, cows in Hokkaido produce quality milk. Even milk is processed into various types of foods such as chocolate, yogurt, cheese, tofu, and others. While on vacation to Hokkaido, you can buy various soft and fresh dairy products. This is one of the best Japanese products from Hokkaido. Because Hokkaido still has a sustainable nature and is far from pollution.

3. Potatoes

Ever heard of packaged potato sticks from Jagarico and Jagabee? Usually sold in Japanese konbini and supermarkets. Apparently, the main ingredient of this snack is potatoes from Hokkaido. Yup, Hokkaido potatoes are legendary because of their taste and quality. You can buy processed potatoes like potato chips, baked potatoes, or boiled potatoes!

4. Shiroi Koibito

The last is the favorite snack of a million people in Japan, Shiroi Koibito. Not only in Hokkaido, white chocholate snacks are also popular throughout Japan. The form is Langue de chat cookies that will remind us of winter scenery in Hokkaido. In English, Shiroi Koibito can be translated as White Lover. In fact, in Hokkaido there is also Shiroi Koibito Park that you can visit.